December 9th:

The Story:

Hop bombs away! This beer helped us ring in our ninth anniversary over seven years ago. We marked the occasion by using nine different hops that are all listed on the label art. This big boy sits at a precarious 9% and packs a flavourful punch to boot. Pity all forces of destruction can’t be this delicious. Hold on tight though, this may leave some craters in your flavour bunker.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a golden orange. Sweet biscuity aroma with a heavy dose of dank hops. Hints of candied citrus yield to an uncommon blend of fruity and dank. Finishes with a lingering bitterness.


This beer is exclusive to the 2017 Showcase.


11 thoughts on “December 9th:

  1. Citrus taste with a bitter follow through. I like this one… though that could have something to do with following the dopplebock with it

  2. Great beer! This should be a regular on the shelf. Perfect blend of hops and malt! One of the best Phillips beers I’ve had!

  3. “9 Donkeys of the Hopocalypse” – another strong (9%) ale with a goofy name, suggestive of the Book of Revelations by way of a bad pun. Again I didn’t drink it chilled, and had it with a meal. I found it harsh in taste, and it is unlikely I’d want more of it, but then as they say, there’s no accounting for taste.

  4. Probably the first beer so far that I did not really enjoy. I was not a fan of the citrus taste and the aftertaste it brought with it. I would probably only drink this if I wanted to get drunk fast as at 9%, this would do the job.

  5. Hope all day everyday there’s nothing better than a good hoppy beer and this fits that bill. Good job as always Phillips.

  6. I was afraid my taste buds would be exploded by a hop bomb. Not the case, it was very hop forward but very easy drinking at the same time. A great hoppy beer for all to cheer

  7. Not as hoppy as I thought it was going to be but the blend of hops was a great surprise. Normally hoppy beers lean towards either a citrus or piney slant but this beer definitely had both. Surprisingly drinkable considering the alcohol content. Nicely done, I thought.

  8. Disgusting. Tastes like drinking a bottle of underarm sweat. If anyone in Vancouver – Main and 41st area – wants to trade a bottle of this for a NON HOPPY BEER drop me a line at used_games(AT)

  9. I am glad some people didn’t enjoy this beer. More for me and all those who enjoy a hop on the wild side. Loved it …..

  10. I also thought this was going to be a hop bomb but was pleasantly surprised,I could not find the 9 varieties of hops on the label, so I don’t know what was used.but not as much bittering hops as I thought.Good colour and nice head, loved it.

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