December 9th: Smooth Sailin’ Amber Lager

9. Smooth Sailin' Amber LagerStory:

Old Pappy’s Smooth Sailin’ Amber Lager is a beer named after a very close friend of the brewery whose permanent forecast for ‘smooth sailin’ has seen us through more than a few rough waves. These days he may have more sea salt than pepper in his beard, but he’ll always have a glint in his eye and a word of wisdom ready to raise your spirits to high tide regardless of the weather. Cheers Pappy!

Tasting Notes:

Pours a rich golden colour with a slight marshmallow white head. A balanced malt body highlighted with a slight bready sweetness finishes clean.


Old Pappy’s appears from time to time as the guest rotator in our Showcase Mixed Pack.

9 thoughts on “December 9th: Smooth Sailin’ Amber Lager

  1. Yes, bready for sure. Reminds me a lot of the beer I used to produce in my basement (before kids and minor hockey took over my life). As Fraser said, not too different in taste, but I’d take it over Molson Canadian any day…..

  2. Haven’t tasted this yet, but wanted to give all you beer lovers you a heads up. Coal Harbour liquor store has cut their prices on the Snowcase down to $56. They still have five in stock. Even if you’re set for the season, at this price, these make excellent Christmas gifts!!!

  3. I clearly enjoyed Day 9 more than most. True — Old Pappy’s doesn’t have the same “personality” as many of its bolder cousins on offer. However, despite my unabashed preference for hops, for me Old Pappy’s represents a solid offering precisely because of its nuanced charms — from just the right amount of carbonation to its caramel notes. When featured, I will certainly seek out this amber lager in the Phillips showcase.

  4. Very perfumy compared to the robustness and mellow flavours of the Twisted Oak Scotch Ale. The taste mellowed out after a few sips, but overall too fruity/flowery. Would not buy again.

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