December 8th:

The Story:

Doppelbocks were the original liquid bread. Intended to sustain monks through their fasts of advent and lent. Our instigator has a complex character with toasted flavours, rich aromas, a deep hue and full body. Originally released in 2006 this brew has reappeared occasionally over the festive months last appearing in 2013.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a red, copper colour with a marshmallow white head. Round complex character featuring toasted flavours, rich aromas, a deep hue and a full body.  Finishes sweet and warm.


This beer is exclusive to the 2017 Showcase.

11 thoughts on “December 8th:

  1. mmmmmmm, i like the flavour of this one, i was scared of it cause i thought it was satan on the label. but if monks drink it then its not so bad.

  2. -“Instigator” – marketed as a ‘Holiday Edition’ doppelbock’, this 8.5% robust ale seemed quite approptiate for a holiday dinner with the local geezer club, featuring a roast pig. I allowed it to reach room temperature, for being overly chilled at 4 degrees tends to suppress rich flavours. It was a good choice to accompany the feast!

  3. Decent beer. Warmed up to me after a few sips so I could definitely see myself drinking a few of these.

  4. Woa! The monks must have been in a permanent state of delirium on this stuff…heavy, layered. Quite the heady brew – I fell asleep sitting up!

    • Wahoo, I’m with Earl on this one! I ended up drinking it on Christmas… glad I didn’t have anywhere to go or decisions to make! Nice flavours, if not a wee bit too boozy… but it’s taken awhile to type this little bit after one of these, it is STRONG!

  5. I think it is a great beer with great colour and flavour, did finish with a sweet note but not unpleasant.
    The original liquid bread,my second behind train wreck as my favorite so far.

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