December 8th: Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale

8. Short WaveStory:

Scan through the static and discover the Short Wave!  When we designed Short Wave we wanted a brew to share with friends, and a beer that reflects where we call home. Beer has always been a great people connector, serving as the catalyst for turning strangers into friends for generations.  Short wave radio is incredibly effective at traveling extreme distances, connecting people in remote, rugged BC coastal areas who are out of the reach of other radio services.  These days short wave enthusiasts build receivers in their garages, hand soldering circuits and re-purposing old dials to tune into the spectrum.  Fellow DIY tinkerers we salute you!  This beer is also finely tuned, hand crafted, with a flavour dialed in for wide-spread enjoyment.

Tasting Notes:

This wireless beer transmitter pours a beautiful sunset orange colour with a pillow white head. A medium, malt-forward body is electrified with bright citrus hops until sweetness and bitter are dialed to balance. Finishing refreshingly dry, enjoy this frequency frequently.


Short Wave is available in 473mL tall cans! They come in singles and sometimes 4-packs depending on the retailer.  This brew also makes an occasional appearance in our Showcase Mixed packs.

13 thoughts on “December 8th: Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale

  1. Really like Short Wave. Passing on pic and tasting note to father in law, he is a short wave enthusiast. Just with we could get in Manitoba.

  2. Loved this one! Dry finish but definite tropical fruit finish as well. A surprising treat on a winters night. I think I may have to retire in Victoria.

  3. I liked this one….. it was gone almost too soon (I was thirsty). Not overly hoppy. Just a good, plain straightforward beer. It’s the sort of beer you could serve to all your Budweiser-chugging buddies out behind the arena, on the tailgate, without anyone getting too worked up about serving fancy-dancy microbrews. But, the trick is that this is WAY better than the mass-appeal swill.

    Say, quite a drop-off in participation at the taste-party, eh? Guess everyone is in the Christmas panic.

    • It’s easier to participate on the weekends as I need to keep my head frosty for work during th week.

      Also the capchas have gotten much harder to figure out, they’re nearly impossible to decipher after a couple beers…

  4. Good solid West Coast pale ale, like it says on the tin (bottle). I have purchased this one on its’ own a few times in the tallboy cans. This (instead of Blue Buck) should be the “standard” Phillips brew.

  5. had to go away to Victoria, but had a taste their , ok…will have the whole bottle taster on Sat !

  6. Loved this one month’s ago on my first taste, perfect fall beer.. Well balanced . and ,yes, a good representaion of a west coast micro.

  7. Short Wave is quite hoppy, but not like an anvil dropped on the head. Similar, although hoppier, than Bowen Island Artisan IPA. Would drink again if offered but not first choice. Kinda like eating a cat burger, or going for a walk through the Yukon bush in assless chaps – not something you go out of your way to do a second time.

  8. I can’t deny that Phillips’ Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale is a damn fine example of what it’s supposed to be. I also can’t exactly say that it has set my palate alight with novel, intense, or otherwise noteworthy flavours, but as far as run of the mill hopped pale ales go, this one should get the job done without any fuss. I won’t get into any note with this one its a ok Pale Ale i would not turn one down if offered but nothing out of the ordinary.

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