December 7th:

The Story:

Analogue 78 was actually born as the Big Time Out Kolsch – a special seasonal release brewed for the Big Time Out Music Festival. Unfortunately after a couple of years the festival wasn’t able to continue, but there are just too many musicians under our roof who enjoyed the beer to let this one fall off our charts.  So instead of relegating this single to the one-hit wonder bin, we decided to change the record sleeve, alter the format, and we’ve been spinning Analogue on repeat ever since.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a soft golden colour with a slight white head and features a body that’s crisp and dry, with a subtle biscuit sweetness. Finishes dry.


Analogue 78 is available year round in its own 6 track beer pack.

6 thoughts on “December 7th:

  1. “Analogue 78” – this 5% true Kolsch brewed with only water, malted barley, hops, & yeast is a winner. Merchandising considerations no doubt accounted for the bizarre name here, but the quality of the brew is excellent. It accompanied the remains of the beer soup from yesterday, which curiously tasted better today!

  2. Even though this is a good beer I already have 3 of these in my fridge… for some reason it feels like a let down getting regular everyday production beers in the snowcase being as expensive as it is!

  3. K.G. – 100% agreed. IMHO, the Pilsner, Electric Unicorn and Analogue 78 are all a little, let’s say, “pedestrian”, compared to the lesser known, much more exotic beers we have all sampled so far. These 3 are okay, but only okay. I often drink these and other Phillips brands (as well as numerous other beers) year round. Nothing special as far as I am concerned. Guess I will have to wait for the next one for my previously unbridled excitement to be revived.

  4. Wow, I must say that I really liked this beer. It was light and never really thought much of it when I saw it in stores. However, I do agree with the other comments. I was able to try a new beer I would normally not drink but if I wanted to sample all the the regular beers in rotation, I would of gotten one of those taster packs. The week started out strong with Trainwreck still being my favourite so far but 3 out of the 7 beers this week have been regular ones. It’s just the first week so I do hope things pick up later in the month as I am still excited to sample specials brews made for this snow case. All the negatives aside, this is a tasty beer and would definitely order a pint of this next time I’m out with friends. It’s a great causal beer !

  5. Meh. Too light for me. Nothing offensive, just a bit boring to me. Like the standard lager that I generally avoid. Not 6-pack worthy.

  6. One of my fave styles of beer and also a good representative of the style. A bit more easy on the aftertaste than a pilsner, also an easy to drink beer on a summer day.

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