December 7th: Twisted Oak Scotch Ale

7. Twisted Oak ScotchStory:

Born as a rich, creamy, strong ale, Twisted Oak Scotch Ale is allowed to rest in barrels to mature and develop flavors slowly and naturally.  The carefully selected oak whiskey barrels, having been shipped from the distiller freshly emptied, serve as the perfect incubator for infusing warm oak and sweet whiskey flavours softly into the beer.  The Scotch Ale remains in its oak environments until the characteristics of the barrel marry the richness of the beer.  To experience the full complexity of this brew, be sure to allow it to warm slightly (10C) before enjoying in your favourite snifter. Pairs very nicely with dark chocolate and sturdy cheeses.

Tasting Notes:

The nose combines bourbon, American oak, and cotton candy aromas. The body features complex malt flavors framed in oak, with hints of vanilla, tobacco, and toffee.


Twisted Oak Scotch Ale used to be available as a 650mL bomber but is now exclusive to this Snowcase Pack.

16 thoughts on “December 7th: Twisted Oak Scotch Ale

  1. Yay!!!!! My favourite Phillips beer of all time! Thank you for including it in the Snowpack, I’ll be savouring this slowly while reading by the fireplace tonight.

    Anyway we can persuade you to start selling this delicious brew again? I’ll commit to buying ten flats of it right now if it helps…

  2. Wonderful incorporation of the bourbon smell and taste, without forgetting that it’s a beer first and foremost. Bring. It. Back.

  3. Oh Twisted Oak Scotch Ale how I love thee… I’ve missed you old friend. A shame Phillips is having a hard time getting the barrels to make you, you are one of my all-time favorites!!!! I shall sip you slowly this evening and enjoy you to the fullest…

  4. Think I can remember this one from last year, just waiting for it to cool off the lid and watch the Canucks

  5. Wow.. probably my favourite so far. I haven’t had many of these before.. and i don’t think I’ve had this one.. wish they still had it in bombers. The nose on this one improves as it warms in my opinion. Great beer. Well done.

  6. I’d like to comment on tonight’s beer, but my wife drank it all! I’ll take that as a good sign and just have to remember what it used to taste like…

  7. I’m crushed to learn this not available outside the Snowcase. Beautiful Beer. Reminds me of Big Rock Scottish Heavy Ale but is a lot better!

  8. I really like this one and its a really well made beer. I will buy it when I see it.
    If you like this try any of the Innis and Gunn – they have quite a few different versions and use many differetn barrel types.

  9. It’s not very often that I try a new-to-me beer and have my socks blown off. Awesome – this is amazing! Such a cruel trick though as we can’t go out and buy this 🙁 What are the chances of this being brewed again?

  10. Bought a second Snowpack JUST for this bottle. Absolutely scrumptious; deep aromas, solid flavour, definitely opens up after warming up from the fridge. Another plea to brew this beer again, dedicated customer here eager to embide in this magical elixir.

  11. Palate is medium bodied with thick, creamy texture, average to soft carbonation and lightly sweet finish. This certainly doesn’t fall prey to being overly sweet like some scotch ales, but I would have liked a bolder flavor.

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