December 6th:

Snowcase Calendar Electric Unicorn White IPA

The Story:

Tis the season for soaring hooved beasts so we’ve got our favourite mono-horned laser one joining the party. This beast is truly one of a kind combining a generous portion of wheat with bold American hops, coriander, orange peel and a mystical Belgian yeast.  It’s a taste that’s well balanced and loaded with plenty of Belgian-fruit character.  Ditch reality and take this India pale fairy tale for a ride.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a hazy straw colour with a generous pillow-white head.  This unicorn treads delicately on the palate as citrus fruit mingles with soft coriander and hints of orange peel.


This mono-horned laser-beast is available in 355mL cans year round.

9 thoughts on “December 6th:

  1. Hey Ho! While late to this online party, I have been waifting the delights of the ‘Snowcase’ as well. Loved this Electric White IPA. Quite the mythical beast ride…must be the coriander orange peel mix that has that refreshing over tone. Definately one for the beer locker….

  2. Not too bad but again, nothing special. I see this quite often at the liquor store and although I would not buy a case of it, I would welcome it in a taster pack. I’ve had some bad experiences with beers that have “fruity overtones”, but I don’t mind this one. Still excited to see what’s to come in the next few days.

  3. Not typically a fruit beer kinda guy, this was an exception. Delicious and fun. Will be buying this in the future.

  4. “Electric Unicorn” – a “white IPA” cloudy, urine-coloured 6.5% brew that did not tickle my taste buds. I drank it with my lunch – salad and beer soup made from yesterday’s “Krampusnacht”. Today the beer was so-so , while the soup with onions and cheeze would probably have tasted better without the beer. Try again tomorrow.

  5. This is one of my fave local IPAs because I lean towards the citrus hops in lieu of the piney/tarry ones. Great summer IPA.

  6. I tried this one a couple years back. Have passed it by since then, not sure why? A refreshing divergence in this pack. Maybe I won’t pass by this on the shelf again. 5 of 6 drinkable brews so far…. 0.833 slugging % is all-right

  7. Good drop. Not overwhelmingly hoppy, good for many, though rarely something I shy away from so no biggie. Happy to learn it’s available year ’round.

  8. Coriander is a soapy poison grown exclusively in Satan’s underpants. The fact that this beer didn’t make me want to vomit is testament to Phillips genius.

  9. I too am not a fruity beer type of guy, but I have to admit it was an easy drinking summer IPA.
    I had not tried this beer before but I can see me picking this one up.

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