December 6th: Slipstream Ale

6. Slipstream

The Story:

After pioneering maple cream beers in BC with the Draught Dodger Cream Ale (made with real Canadian maple syrup by the way), the Phillips crew dreamt up a brew that would retain a highly-sessionable, malt forward taste profile, but emphasize roasted characteristics .  In 2009 Slipstream cruised on to the scene–a precision crafted ale finely tuned for flavour featuring a roasted, nutty body. Enjoy the ride.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a dark copper colour with a soft white head.  The nose is slightly nutty. Smooth mouth feel and a sweet brown sugar taste with hints of toasted hazelnuts, complimented by a dry finish.


Slipstream is available year-round in their own 341mL six pack, as well as a permanent member in the Showcase Mixed pack.

12 thoughts on “December 6th: Slipstream Ale

  1. sliptream, on Sunday? It’s more of a Tuesday morning beer, if you ask me…which you didn’t. I like it anyways.

  2. Yum. Always a good choice for a nice simple straightforward beer. Nothing too complicated to decipher and quite “sessionable” as they say, with a nice crisp finish. Good for sitting around drinking beers with your friends.

  3. Slipstream is pretty simple, straightforward brew. While I prefer malty beers to hoppy messes, I do wish slipstream had a little more character.

  4. After 1 slipstream, it slipped out of my mind to comment. Maybe it’s because my friend liked it and drank most of it. It’s a good beer

  5. Ive bought slipstream in six packs a bunch of times before so I knew what to expect. But the one in my pack seemed very flat. almost no carbonation at all. has anyone else had this problem?

    The previous beers were all perfectly carbonated and this is the first time Ive ever had this happen with a phillips beer.

  6. I think the English would refer to this as a “strong mild”. In fact, I think Phillips should do the unthinkable, actually reduce the ABV to about 4% and really push it out there on draught as a true session ale.

  7. Simple describes this one very well. As does “tasty”. It says above its available year round in six pack – is that in BC only though! How about Alberta?

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