December 5th: Saison

5. Saison


Saisons were originally brewed in french-speaking areas of Belgium to reward farmhands for their hard work in the fields.  The label on this Snowcase exclusive Saison was drawn up by artist Stu Dobell whose brother Chris is our onsite sign painter. The Dobell’s are classically trained sign painters, having learned the art first-hand from their father back in Australia.  Artistry in signage meets artisty in beer.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a pale straw colour with a slight white head.  Complex Belgian flavours that layer banana and fresh bread with a cotton candy sweetness and a touch of spice.  Finishes dry.


This special Saison is only available in the Snowcase!

12 thoughts on “December 5th: Saison

  1. Opened this bottle last night after not being able to finish the coffee stout. This is a very pleasant, light & sweet beer with nice tones of fruit and spice. Perfect for the season! Would buy more if it were available.

  2. I was a bit hesitant as I’ve had a lot of bad Saison style beers.

    But this one was quite good! Definitely sweeter than I expected, and a nice dry finish. Too bad it wasn’t available year round as I’d buy this one again.

    Phillips should put the beets of the Snowcase to a vote for one to be selected to be brewed year round.

  3. I’m generally not that big of a fan of saisons, and I’m afraid this one is no different. Too many fruity spicy things going on and I find the aroma a bit off-putting. Oh well, can’t please everyone. But I’ll still drink it.

  4. liked this one – upon opening was thinking summer blackberries – would certainly purchase this & probably not share

  5. as a past farm worker, this should be my beer…but not avail all year ! and as of the end of the 2nd period has not brought luck to the Canucks…maybe not their saison ! pardon the Puck…ah .. i mean pun…

  6. I am late getting my comment posted, as I was out last night, but took the Saison along with me. Everyone had a sip at the gathering, and exactly half loved it, and the other half, not so much. Me, I really enjoy this. It does remind you of a backwoods European pub. Is this or the Beet Ale now my #1 Snowcase beer? Hmmmmmmmmmmm……. I think I have to switch allegiane to this one… I could drink three of these while sitting by a fire….not so much with the Beet Ale….

  7. My first year as a snowcaser and I am enjoying all of the offerings to date. I think the slipstream will be a nice little appy before dinner tonight. I think I will be on board for years to come!

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