December 5th:

The Story:

Welcome to the darker side of Christmas. There really is something for everyone. Specially spiced in the spirit of the season with elevated gravity to warm your chilled soul. Walk softly or old Krampus might whoop your butt. This special holiday brew was the final treat in our 2015 Snowcase calendar. It’s been lurking in the shadows ever since and returns now for the first time in two years.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a dark rich mahogany brown colour with a cappuccino coloured white head.  Sweet cinnamon and nutmeg on the nose with flavours of dark fruits, and seasonal spices. It is full bodied with warming finish.


This special brew is exclusive to the Snowcase.

10 thoughts on “December 5th:

  1. YUM! Goes great with a thin crust pepperoni, sweet red pepper,and onion pizza! This is another I’d love in the large 650 ml bottle.

  2. So it’s a spiced beer. Kinda warms your belly but isn’t overwhelmed with flavour, which is cool. And 9.5% it’s not overbearing. A good drink overall. Not something I’d buy usually but enjoyable.

  3. A crisp bite of well balanced spice over a warm malt with a clean finish, Krampusnatch could well sneak up on you as it 9.5% doesn’t feel strong in the mouth. Would do very well bundled up while enjoying winter spectator sports 😉

  4. Loved it. Love bold, malty dark brews. And for a strong punch of 9.5%, I didn’t find it overwhelming like the first 2 days.

  5. Not a bad beer. I don’t think I would buy a case of this at a liquor store but in a multi-pack, I wouldn’t mind it. On a side note, the art on the label is fantastic.

  6. I’m not sure what this hellish named brew is like straight out of the bottle, but the spices lend it character beyond use just for drinking, so I used it in making a hearty beer soup, combining it with additional ingredients from an old German recipe.

    Woa!….a heady beast indeed. This dark murky ale was pretty impregnable indeed. After just one – I was wobbly and ready for bed.

    Snatcht’ed indeed….

  8. I liked it, the fruit tones weren’t overpowering but they and the spices cut the alcohol content back a bit. Reminded me of a Belgian monk brew.

  9. This one’s not going to make my favorites list… a bit bitter and spices were too subtle, didn’t really taste any? And yes, wobbly legs from it!

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