December 4th:

The Story:

Phillips Pilsner is a meticulously crafted brew that is engineered to be clean, crisp and bright. Brewed with barley malted on-site in our Phillips Maltworks Facility, this beer is patiently cold-lagered maximizing smoothness and drinkability. Artfully refined so you don’t have to be. This refreshing brew was released back in April 2016 and is now a signature brew in our core lineup.

Tasting Notes:

Pours golden straw colour with a dense white foam cap.  Craft made with our own house malted barley.  Patiently cold aged, it is meticulously engineered to be clean, crisp and bright. Bready, doughy malt and a soft water profile form the basis for subtle yeast esters and a blend of Noble and American hops.  Finishes clean with medium mouthfeel and a lingering breadiness.


This beer is available year round in both 341mL bottles and 355mL cans.


8 thoughts on “December 4th:

  1. December 2 – “Trainwreck Barleywine” – at 10% alcohol, I found this a powerful sipping beer, not at all harsh on the palate. I didn’t taste the “rich vanilla” flavour, perhaps because I was nibbling spicy Mexican tortilla chips. Whilst looking at the Washington Post website and the latest shenanigans of US President Trump I was struck by how appropriate was the name of the brew, a train wreck indeed!

  2. A great tasting Pil. Love the golden colour. It will definitely be a “go to” beer for me especially in the summer.

  3. Great beer, but nothing special like the last few days. Since you can pick it up whenever at a liquor store, unlike something like Trainwreck, I felt like I was just drinking a regular beer. I will have to pick up a case of this however, as it is something new to get from the regular pick of Blue Buck. Overall, its good beer to drink on a Monday night and to cap off the end of a fall semester.

  4. Pilsner – this is a wonderful true pilsner, certainly as good as I’ve ever had in Europe (including the original draught Czech pils on tap in Berlin and Helsinki). Clear, bright, exceptional fresh aftertaste, this brew foes to the top of my list for future quaffing! I had no idea such a great beer is locally brewed. A tip of my hat to Phillips!

  5. Beeen a while since I’ve gone so light. But a good reminder of a clean, fresh Pilsner. Nice evanescence on the back end….

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