December 4th: Imperial Coffee Stout

4. Black Jackal

The Story:

Coffee stouts have always held a special place in our hearts as a coffee stout was on of the three original Phillips brews! Black Jackal is an imperial version, pouring as an 8% double shot!! Crafted in collaboration with our friends at 2% Jazz Coffee Co., this beer is brewed with freshly roasted coffee beans and then finished with a second coffee addition just prior to packaging.  Methodically crated with only the best local coffee, this one-eyed Jackal is no wild card.

Tasting Notes:

Black Jackal pours a deep earthy brown colour with a medium tan head.  Aromas of fresh roasted espresso in the nose lead to a rich, full bodied flavour of roasted coffee, underpinned with subtle hints of dark chocolate.  Finished with a second coffee addition just before packaging for an exceptionally fresh and bright coffee aroma, and dry roasted flavour.


This year there’s only one Black Jackal in the deck, and it is found exclusively in this Snowcase Pack!

24 thoughts on “December 4th: Imperial Coffee Stout

  1. Like an alcoholic cold brew! The stout and non-stout lovers this house both enjoyed this one – chalked it up to the absence of bitterness.

  2. Mmmmmm. I might have to take a few of these to the office for a 10:00 AM coffee break. I appreciate the REAL strong coffee hit….. unlike the struggle with other so-called coffee beers. It’s smooth…..maybe almost a bit too smooth? (just a bit). It got me wondering what it would taste like with a bit of Guinness blended in…just to give it a very slight sour aftertaste. Hmmm. Is this available in the stores, does anyone know?
    Day 4, and I still have to say the Beet Ale remains my favourite so far………

  3. Not a fan of dark beer and much less stout. With a head as black as my heart this beer is delicious! Please make more.

  4. Phillips and 2% Jazz Coffee make for a great collaboration. Ragnar — Black Jackal is currently available for Growler fill (as of Dec 4) at the Phillips Brewery. It is a seasonal offering — haven’t seen the bombers available in stores this year.

    • Coffee will never be the same! The buzz in Nanaimo should put this on their menu! Likely my favorite of the box……. A few days to go

  5. One of the better tasting stouts available in local liquor stores, but too strong a coffee flavour for my tastebuds. While I appreciate a strong cup of java to pry open the eyelids at dawn, after a long day of ploughing the back forty, the juxtaposition of Java and Mead just doesn’t fit the mellow mood I’m looking for. My least favourite of the Snowcase so far, would not purchase again.

  6. i really liked this one – my daughter called & said she had hers as a stout float, scoop of vanilla ice cream in it….wish I had some ice cream right now…great colour & great coffee flavour

  7. Woah… The time stamps on the comments are off by, like, nine hours. Is this website hosted in Germany?!?

  8. I’ve often found that coffee stouts leave me feeling a bit like someone has dumped day-old coffee grounds in my beer, but kudos to Phillips and 2% Jazz for doing the best meld of espresso and beer that I’ve had to date. The espresso takes me back to Cuban espresso bars and the intensity of a great kick-ass shot of espresso. But, as Ragnar said – this beer turned out nice and smooth. I did finish the beer wondering how much sleep I was going to get!

  9. It’s like drinking a cold cup of coffee. Except without the cream or sugar.

    I don’t think I’ll be doing this one ever again. Looking forward to the rest of the month though.

  10. So glad to see this one make another appearance.. And it never fails to amaze. The coffee crema flavour with the roasted malt.. Always loved some booze in my coffee, or is it coffee in my booze.
    Best coffee stout to be found about.

  11. As a beer loving barista, coffee stouts have always been a favourite. Found this one surprisingly smooth for a stout and with a nice coffee kick. I expect nothing less from a Phillips and 2% jazz collab though. Hope to see this brewed year round.

  12. A new #1 for me as I am a coffee lover so Anxiety has been dethroned in my books. Forget Starbucks and their red cups, i’m getting my caffeine fix from Phillips from now on!

  13. Now the case is getting into its’ stride…the higher the ABV, the better Phillips beers are. Broad appeal for an 8% beer.

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