December 3rd:

The Story:

Sometimes bitterness comes from frivolous lawsuits, sometimes it comes from a generously hopped beer. Either way we hope this ESB finds you less bitter than it is. Originally released in 2009 and in recess ever since, this brew is returning to the bench to preside over today’s proceedings. Full of hops and with a medium malt body, we feel that this brew proves you can still find positive outcomes even in the midst of bitter recriminations. But you be the judge…

Tasting Notes:

Pours a golden amber colour with a slight white head.  Fresh aromas of pine with hints of citrus give way to a medium malt body that’s balanced with a slight hop bitterness.  Finishes clean.


This special brew is exclusive to the Snowcase. 

14 thoughts on “December 3rd:

  1. A pleasant though unexceptional ESB of standard 5% strength, a welcome change from the two previous hi-test ales.

  2. Not a bad beer, but also not that good. I would try this once if it was on tap, but would probably not buy it again. Kinda surprised it was 5% though with how strong it tasted. Overall, it’s nice to see it in the snow case but the last two were better.

  3. Surprised by the comments above, critical of this beer. Thought it was great. Nice and hoppy though I’m generally happy to score higher IBU on the norm. I’d happily grab a 6-pack of this brew.

  4. Really enjoyed this one, nice bitter finish. Great choice fot the snowcase Phillips! Good to have a 5%er too!

  5. Not overly bitter and the hops used were definitely more towards the citrus and piney without being too medicinal or earthy. One of the more sessionable ESBs out there, for sure.

  6. So I don’t hate the bitter. It’s not something I’d buy but that’s cause it’s not really my thing. Don’t find it overpowering or anything. Odd part is I think I’ve had it before

  7. It’s funny how tastes differ so dramatically. This one is my favourite of the 3 so far. Loved the Trainwreck but love this one even more. One of the easiest drinking ESBs I have ever had. Well done Phillips. Well done. Love the snowcase. Best pre-Xmas present ever.

  8. This is more like it! Great ESB that reminds of my days drinking ‘Websters’ Yorkshire Bitter back at college in Reading, UK. Hoppy, nicely bitter. Maybe could have had a little more evanescence…. Would definately get again.

  9. Lovely colour and definitely sessionable. I like my bitters a bit more bitter, so could have amped up the IBIS for me. Very TV quaffable, would be up for a pint at a p up anytime

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