December 3rd: Apteryx IPA

3. Apteryx

The Story:

From the land of the kiwi comes this fruity IPA. Apteryx prominently features Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand, famous for their stamp of tropical fruit flavours and aromas of freshly crushed grapes.  In fact, the ‘Sauvin’ portion of their name was actually taken from the sauvignon blanc grape!

Tasting Notes:

Pours a warm copper colour with a healthy, pillow white head.  Aromas of kiwi, guava, and fresh grapes are followed with flavours of white grapes balanced with leafy hops.  Medium bodied with a very active mouthfeel, this brew finishes crisp and snappy.


Apteryx is available year-round in a 650mL bomber.

19 thoughts on “December 3rd: Apteryx IPA

  1. I really enjoyed the fruity flavours and the hops in this IPA beer. The taste lingers for quick a while which is nice.

  2. This IPA has a refreshingly light hops taste, not the overwhelming, stomach-churning, super-bitter hops flavour most other craft IPAs now feature. How can anyone like IPAs that taste how rubber tires smell after a twelve hour road trip along the Trans-Canada in the middle of an August heatwave? Blech.

    Apteryx IPA is great! Will buy again.

  3. I hadn’t tried this one as I usally shy away from IPA’s but I was pleasantly surprised. Not overwhelmingly hoppy and the distinct fruit flavours are surprisingly refreshing. I wouldn’t reach for this on a cold windy winter night like tonight, but I might be picking up a bomber this summer.

  4. Never met a kiwi I didn’t like..
    Slightly reminiscent of a flan, might be a good pair. Certainly down for the tropical fruit flair.

  5. While it’s all been fun so far, and indeed, this is my favorite time of year (right after beer fest), I’m really holding my breath hoping for Schottleweizen to show up soon!!!

  6. Huh, that was a pleasantly interesting beer! Aroma was typical for an IPA, but the flavour was totally different (in a good way). Liked the citrus notes, although found the bitter got a bit strong at the end. I’d definitely pour another (if only there was)!

  7. Apteryx had lots of body and was very hoppy. I found it tasted like fresh, white grapefruits. It brought back good memories of Borrego Springs California; grapefruit capital of the world. Bob did not taste the grapefruit bit like me. He could taste the fruit but couldn’t identify it.
    We both enjoyed this beer very much!

  8. I’m going to be the odd-duck here, as sorry, I just can’t get into these IPA that lean heavily on hops. But, I agree with Jean-Luc – this wasn’t nearly as hoppy as they come. Some of the ultra-hoppy IPAs on the market make me feel like a bully shoved a bale of hay into my sinuses. Nothing wrong with this one – just not my thing. So far, my favourite is the Day 1 beet ale. I can’t believe I just said that.

  9. Before I add my comments on the beer I just want to say how I enjoy reading the comments people post. I also love the idea of having 24 different beers to taste. I really enjoy IPA’s and this is no exception. There are not many IPA’s with quite so many different layers of flavours. I would happily buy this one as a regualr in my beer collection.

  10. As a cautious IPA drinker I prefer floral fruity hops to bitter and this one ticked the right boxes. I tried it a while ago before I started liking hoppy beers more and didn’t appreciate it as much. This hit the spot though; I think I may just pick up a bomber some time soon!

  11. Tried it head to head with the Kolsh 78 I gave a buddy during the Canucks game. Apteryx was superior. Still not an IPA lover but it was a good addition to the snowcase!

  12. Loved this beer! Not an over powering IPA like so many others out there. I can’t believe I’ve never tried this one before. It’ll become a staple I think in my fridge.

  13. Reliable IPA from Phillips. Anybody else notice how their IPA’s all come in at 6.5% and then different hops are used? Not a complaint, just an observation.

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