December 2nd:

The Story:

This locomotive of flavour was born in 2010 and is brewed closer to an English Barley Wine style–a bit sweeter and darker than the American variant.  In 2012 we decided to stoke the boiler a little bit and barrel-aged Trainwreck in select bourbon barrels still wet from the distillery.  The toasted caramel and vanilla overtones meshed so well that we had to send it around the track again, but this year’s Trainwreck is aged with younger oak this time. In order to experience the full complexity of this beer, it’s best to allow Trainwreck to warm up a little bit to cellar temperature (4C).  Also, at 10% chugging is not advised on this train.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a deep amber colour with a slight white head that’s sweet in aroma.  Carefully aged with oak, flavours of toasted caramel and hints of vanilla are enveloped in warm malt sweetness that’s velvet smooth.  Best enjoyed at cellar temperature (4C).


Trainwreck is specially brewed for the Snowcase Pack!

17 thoughts on “December 2nd:

  1. this is a wonderfully smooth brew with an awesome flavour, best not be drinking a dozen of these powerful badboys.

  2. Normally, not a fan of strong beers but this was great. At first, I was not too big on it but after a few sips, it warmed up to me. I would not mind buying this as a 650mL bottle that you guys offer for other beers. Great two days so far!

  3. Beauty of a beer. Not boozy at all for 10%, even though I could taste the bourbon right away. The caramel and vanilla have been hitting as it warms. Would drink this on the regular if possible. Well done!

  4. Excellent! For a strong beer it is a perfect 10! I certainly savoured the hint of caramel and vanilla. And you are correct, it should not be chugged … but it was delicious. I would also love this to be available in the larger bottle.

  5. Excellent. Smooth and shockingly drinkable despite the 10% abv. One of the most enjoyable beers I have had in some time now. This should be in Phillips’ regular lineup. And yes – a larger bottle option would almost certainly be well received.

  6. Agreed a fantastic taste and smooth for a 10%, rich and toasty loved it.Could be a regular quite easily.

  7. This beer was fantastic. Very smooth for a 10% beer. Enjoyed the hunt vanilla and caramel and could get the slight hint of bourbon. You guy need to make this on the regular. And I agree a larger bottle would be will received.

  8. Great barley wine. I find them to be hit or miss. This one is definitely a hit. A strong beer but not overly boozy considering the alcohol content.

  9. Oh dear. Just not my cup of tea. Really hard going this one. Didn’t like the taste and alcohol was a shocker. On to the next one…

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