December 2nd: Analogue 78 Kolsch

2. Analogue 78

The Story:

Analogue 78 was actually born as the Big Time Out Kolsch–a special seasonal release brewed for the Big Time Out Music Festival. Unfortunately after a couple of years the festival wasn’t able to continue, but there are just too many musicians under our roof who enjoyed the beer to let this one fall off our charts.  So instead of relegating this single to the one-hit wonder bin, we decided to change the record sleeve, alter the format, and we’ve been spinning Analogue on repeat ever since.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a soft golden colour with a slight white head and features a body that’s crisp and dry, with a subtle biscuit sweetness. Finishes dry.


Analogue 78 is available year round in its own 6 track beer pack.

16 thoughts on “December 2nd: Analogue 78 Kolsch

  1. Nice pleasant surprise – a good afternoon beer – and like seeing an old friend again. It also gave me an opportunity to bring out my all-too-often neglected set of Kölsch ‘stang’ glasses, which according to the German Beer Purity Act should be used to serve this type of beer (oddly, you can buy the glasses at Lee Valley Tools ). Any ways – yes, the beer is great, especially I think if you like Old World pilsners. With Tuborg in the liquor stores now originating in Turkey or Canada, I may have to rethink my go-to Christmas beer.

  2. Ahh the great 78.. This was an instant hit and I never say no to one.. This is a great beer to show someone who is afraid of putting down the lucky..

  3. Mr. Trout said it well. It’s a great beer for those weary to put down their Lucky or Kokanee. I generally don’t reach for a Kolsh but as far as this style goes, this is a great beer. Effervescent in the glass and I like that you get those biscuit notes in such a dry beer. Usually “biscuity” is in big gravity beers with lots more sweetness. Well done!

  4. Don’t usually go for a kolsch just not my thing, but very light to drink, has a crisp aftertaste. I can see this being a go to beer for many people. Nice

  5. Back to the standards for Day #2. Crisp with a nice underpinning of cracked malt. Up there with Swans’ Arctic Ale as tops in the BC Kolsch sweepstakes.

  6. I think I would really enjoy this beer in summer.
    I would need a hot, lazy, late July day to sip this one. I’m not sure but we just were not super excited by this beer. It had a slight lemony taste for me with a very short “finish.” I liked it and enjoyed it but it was not memorable for me.

  7. Being and oldie!…..long plays play at 33 1/3!….don’t they! Anyway the Kolsch beer was great….I would have put it on side B.

  8. Analogue was my first Kolsch. Refreshing taste, light, nice finish. Not my favourite style but would buy again.

  9. Like Ragnar, I finally found a use for my Kolsch glasses! I’ve heard of 78 before, but had never tried. Definately will be grabbing a few of these in the summer. Love the dry yet biscuity body and clean finish.

  10. I really enjoyed this one – nice and easy drinking. I’ll admit I’ve seen it before in stores but as I’m typically a dark beer fan I never felt the need to buy it. This has changed my mind though – would be a great summer time beer for the patio.

  11. Not going to lie the anxiety ale made this one a bit anti-climactic but let’s be honest – analog is a solid beer. Easy drinking and, though no blue buck, definately a favorite in our house!

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