December 24th: Krampusnacht

24. Krampusnacht (1)


Well, this is the end of our Advent-ure! To close us out is a truly Christmas inspired brew, blending cinnamon, nutmeg and other traditional flavours of the holidays with a deep, full-bodied ale.

We hope you all enjoyed the journey.  We did our best to cover the full spectrum of the beer flavour arc, balancing creative exploratory brews alongside tried and true favourites.  We hope you were challenged and maybe even discovered a new personal favourite!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good pint!

Tasting Notes:

Pours a dark rich mahogany brown colour with a cappuccino coloured white head.  Sweet cinnamon and nutmeg on the nose with flavours of dark fruits, spiced apples and gentle cinnamon.


The special Christmas Eve brew is only available in the Snowcase!

21 thoughts on “December 24th: Krampusnacht

  1. Enjoyed all 24 Beers. Well done Phillips!! This is my second year of Snowcase. Looking forward to doing it all again next year. Merry Cheistmas to all.

  2. Our second Snowcase and we have enjoyed it even more than last year,; loved the diversity and unique beers. Looking forward already to next year! Today’s beer perfect for Christmas Eve,

  3. This smells awesome, but I wish the taste was a bit fuller and lasted longer… However, I enjoyed the snowcase a lot this year, glad there weren’t too many hoppy beers (this was our second year, I split it with my husband who likes IPAs. I like malty, strong, barrel-aged beers). So my favorites list:
    1. Schottleweizen
    2. Twisted Oak
    3. Hammer
    4. Brown Brew
    5. Milk Stout
    6. Wit
    7. Slipstream

    And now my liver would like a vacation… THANKS PHILIPS!!!

  4. Was ein feines Gebräu.. Krampusnacht. Such a tasty treat . Thank you to all the elves who sweat to put this together. . I saw you working .. And it was appreciated..
    Knocked this one far out of the park..
    Maybe the yule lads next year?
    To all a good night.

  5. On opening the bottle, the smell of doughy cinnamon buns brought me back to my UBC days. Delicious taste, fresh, tangy. Definitely cinnamon, would not want to drink too many of these. An excellent way to end the advent calendar.

    Thank you so much, the busy folks over at Phillips, for an amazingly wide assortment of original, high-quality, memorable brews. I share Pinkgirl’s taste for malty, dark beers, and appreciate that the collection wasn’t too hoppy – perfect for the season.

    It’s clear that the brewmaster(s) at Phillips are brilliant and enjoy their work. Hats off to you and to all your hard work, and thanks again for an amazing holiday treat.

    1. Twisted Oak
    2. Schottleweizen
    3. Hammer
    4. Puzzler
    5. Saison
    6. Polaris Milk Stout
    7. Rural Brewer Brown
    8. Anxiety

    Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!

  6. Wow, loved the Christmas-in-a-bottle aroma of this one. Definitely puts one in the Xmas spirit. I too found the taste not quite as full as I expected, but an enjoyable pour on Christmas Eve for sure!

    Great job Phillips on another excellent batch of beers in this year’s Snowcase! We are sooo lucky to be able to try 24 different GOOD beers in a single two-four!

    Looking forward to next year already!

  7. Very festive. Definitely a Christmas flavour. The cinnamon definitely sticks out and lingers on the tongue. An interesting beer, but I think that one is enough. This is our first try at the snowpack and we are looking forward to our second. There were a couple that we didn’t care for, but I’d say that is a definite success. This has confirmed to us that we prefer the malty, strong, barrel aged and dark beers. Not so much the IPAs

    Thank you Phillips for a job well done. Merry Christmas and Happy New Cheer to you all. You have made Believers out of us.
    See you next December

  8. Loved the Snowcase this year!
    Thanks for the experience, but we were bummed when Xmas Eve finally rolled around and we had to pull the final beer….wish it went right til New Years…can’t you guys make a HUGER case? honestly…haha thanks again!

  9. Nice end to the snowcase. Really enjoyed the beers. Good job Phillips. Looking forward to next year’s calendar. Keep up the great work. You’re definitely the best craft brewery in BC in my books.

  10. Krampusnacht really was a grand finale. Thanks for another outstanding selection this year.

    Any chance of reinstalling the ginger beer next time round? That was definitely my favourite in 2014. (If not, is it available outside of the Snowcase?)

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