December 24th:

The Story:

Merry Christmas! To help kick your festivities in high gear we’ve got this tasty 10.2% Baltic Porter. This particular style of beer is hybrid that combines elements from two beer styles we really enjoy: English Porters and Russian Imperial Stouts which are both known for showcasing a tasty and sweet malt profile.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a dark deep copper with a thin tan head. Aromas of rich malty sweetness with subtle raisin and chocolate notes with a hint of alcohol. The rich malts and chocolate profie move to a restrained roasted but not burnt complexity. Slightly bitter with malty sweetness and warming finish.


This beer is exclusive to the 2017 Snowcase.

7 thoughts on “December 24th:

  1. “Baltic Porter” – the very high (10.2% ABV) made me suspicious, but after tasting it I found it quite drinkable and flavourful. The alcohol provided a kick but didn’t drown out the other ingredients. This concludes the liquid Advent calender observations by this beer drinker. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Hoppy New Year! Kippis!
    Earwig van Beetfield
    The Grand Abimelech QBE

  2. A great beer for all to raise a glass in cheer. Thanks for the journey through the extremes of the beer spectrum, I enjoyed the ride. Until next year….
    Merry Christmas and a Happy Beer Year!

  3. Glad to see that the Snow Case ended on a nigh note. All the Stouts/Porters in this case were fantastic. This one was no exception. Dark, delicious, and at 10.2%, this porter was great. The bitterness at the end was different from what I have tasted before but the flavors blended well. I would definitely love to buy another one of these in the future, perhaps in a 650mL bottle. Overall, I would say that Trainwreck, from the second day, was my favorite beer from the case with either this one or Kaleidoscope being a close second. Worst beer for me was definitely Hop Circle as it was a struggle trying to finish it. Suggestion for next year, maybe take out Blue Buck as that was a disappointing day. Excited to see what is in store for next year as this was my first time getting the snow case and it will not be my last. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

  4. I just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone at Phillips brewery. Thanks you so much for an amazing Snowcase! Every time I opened a bottle that I didn’t think I would like I was pleasantly surprised. I’m generally not a fan of IPA’s but there wasn’t a single one I didn’t like. I also avoid high proof beers because I hate that boozy taste and yet you managed to make them all enjoyable. Thank you again from a fan and admirer of your craftsmanship.

  5. I’m sure I’ll love this one just haven’t got to it yet… I echo Evenstephenlee, I’ve really enjoyed all the stouts and porters!!! I am, however, a little devastated that there was no Schottleweizen this year… but I see some of these unique beers show up again after breaks from the Snowcase so I guess I’ll have to wait for another year… Thanks to Phillips for bringing back the Snowcase after missing last year, it’s been a lovely journey!!!

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