December 23rd:

The Story:

‘Tis the season to chill back at the pad with one of these toad-ally hoppy brews. Missile Toad is loaded with fruit forward Ella hops from across the pond (New Zealand), to create a double IPA worth croaking about. Originally released in the fall of 2016 as a limited seasonal run. This tasty beer masks it’s high ABV payload which clocks in at a hefty 9%. Bombs away!

Tasting Notes:

Tropical fruit, citrus, floral and spicy—this brew covers most of the range of hoppy flavours in one bottle. Though “balanced” is not usually associated with the IIPA style, Missile Toad drinks extremely easily with a dry finish and a bitterness that doesn’t hang around.


This beer is only available in the 2017 Snowcase.

3 thoughts on “December 23rd:

  1. “Missile Toad” imperial IPA – this extra strong ale comes across to me much like the other high ABV brews included among the Snowcase offerings – tasty and hoppy, but it gives me no great desire to repeat the experience. I don’t like the label either.

  2. I tried this one an a empty stomach, the APV went right to my head. Thanks for bringing the hops one more time (at least). This one was a little bitter, like kissing a toad under a flower!

  3. Grew on me after a few sips but it is still something I do not think I would purchase again. The aftertaste did not last compared to other IPA’s I have tried before which was nice. 9% was also great to see as it helped me finish the drink, Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the last day. Also, I am also pretty sure I have seen this before being sold in 650mL bottles.

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