December 23rd: Puzzler Barrel-Aged Belgian Black IPA

23. Puzzler Barrel Aged Belgian Black IPAStory:

Originally pieced together in the fall of 2012 as a collaboration with our friends at Great Lakes Brewing, this puzzle was too good to keep on the shelf. Midnight roasted malt, adventurous Belgian yeast, and American hops fit together as a rich, deep-bodied beer full of roasted and hoppy flavour. Then we barrel aged the brew, rounding out the roasted hoppy flavours with subtle sweetness. Though the flavour is wonderfully complex the last move is simple; remove cap to solve.

This beer is best enjoyed at cellar temperature (10C).

Tasting Notes:

It’s our classic Puzzler recipe with an extra piece! Buckets of black malt, generous portions of hops and Belgian yeast are now aged in freshly-emptied bourbon barrels. Smooth velvet textures and subtle sweetness envelop the dark roasted malt body. The hop character is still evident, but has a more subtle presence than the classic-style.


This barrel-aged beauty is only available in the Snowcase pack!

19 thoughts on “December 23rd: Puzzler Barrel-Aged Belgian Black IPA

  1. Got mine in the fridge. Waiting for relatives to arrive later this afternoon, then will imbibe. It’s got a cool label. One more tomorrow, and then it’s all over…….
    What the heck is ‘naruto’, and how is it related to beer????

  2. Firstly James, I hope you’re kidding about dumping the beer down the sink. WTF is Naruto? This beer may not be your cup of tea, so I suggest sticking to tea!!!! It’s a beer you’re not going to guzzle after mowing the lawn. It’s one you’re going to savour while wrapping presents. The first flavour I got was black licorice. The bourbon wasn’t predominant but it did add subtle flavours complimenting a beer crossing a few styles. A Belgian black IPA is a most welcome addition to this sampler of 24 unique beers. Don’t forget people, this is 24 beers being done by one brewery. Cudos once again to Phillips for undertaking what others wouldn’t dare. Keeping 24 brews sustainable for drinking by a brewery of their size is quite the feat. So to those who dump beer down the drain such as this, stick to your Keith’s. For the rest, Merry Christmas!!!!

  3. Wow, this is totally different than what I had in mind. Delicious, dark, toffee, caramel. No taste of hops. This one is amazing!!!

  4. Very nice – have to echo Two Row Somers’ comments. Why buy the Snowcase when you’re going to pour very good beers down the drain? Just buy a six of Blue Buck or whatever and be done with it.

  5. Roasted malt. .wonderful stuff that. .and the barrels, I have had the privilege of seeing them all stacked up so high and unassuming. . . such a flavour imparted by them. .so fun to taste it from brew to brew. This has been my first snowcase, I will be back next year.. This puzzler is so much sweeter from the barrel. . I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, I have been faithful , no peeking. . and no pouring.

  6. Love the colour. Slight hoppy finish, but not strong at all. The best of the IPA so far. We appreciated the comments from Two Row Somers. Tomorrow will be a sad day in this house. Is there nothing we could do this to in January? 😩

  7. Belgian….black….and IPA? And Barrel-Aged? Phillips, you have really outdone yourselves with this one. It’s like all the major flavour themes of all the previous calendar beers at once. Many layered puzzle indeed!

    I also have to agree with Two Row Somers comment. Hopefully next year you people who pour it down the sink skip the Snowcase and leave me for me!

  8. Very tasty. Unique and nice surprise.

    However I understand that some might not have liked it. Some may have dumped it. I respect that but won’t bash people who do that because PEOPLE ARE ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINIONS.

  9. The name definitely fits this one! It was a weird cross of a stout, black lager, and an IPA. Loved the complexity of it which left me wanting more. This is what an advent calendar should be about!

  10. Maybe I had a bad batch, but this was definitely my least favourite of the pack. It smelled like rubbing alcohol, and tasted about the same. But hey, 23 out of 24 isn’t too shabby!

  11. We’re a little behind, trying to finish off the last remaining bottles we didn’t get to… I should have known I’d like this since Jean-Luc did! Lovely and malty, not hoppy as described, wish I hadn’t written my list of favorites before I tried this one! Definitely a keeper!!!

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