December 22nd: Siddhartha

22. Sidhartha


11 years ago we were a young brewery just starting out, but the creative seed that would inform so much of what we would do was already planted and bearing beers!  Siddhartha was brewed for Temple Restaurant here in Victoria who were one of our earliest supporters.  With lemongrass, juniper, and coriander, this brew is creatively crafted and harmoniously balanced.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a deep golden colour with a pillow white head.  Sweet lemon citrus flavours are placed alongside Belgian fruit esters that feature hints of fresh bread. Finishes slightly tart.


Siddhartha is only available in the Snowcase!

9 thoughts on “December 22nd: Siddhartha

  1. I have had many a belgique with varying degrees of coriander. .just not for me .. I keep trying in hopes of one day finding one I like . . not today however..

  2. Hah, individual tastes are so different. I see Davey didn’t care for this much, but I thought it was great. One earlier beers I was the one complaing about too much hops.

    Like Jer! said, this may be the best so far. Wow, I really liked it. Phillips does a masterful job of disguising strong beer (anyone remember Wildcat? Extra Old Stock?).

  3. PS: In case anyone from Phillips is reading these comments …. any chance of Siddhartha making it into the bomber stage at some point? It’s a great beer.

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