December 21st: Amnesiac Double IPA

21. AmnesiacStory:

Beyond the cave of Hypnos and up the river of forgetfulness, you will find our original IPA’s big gnarly brother.  This is a beer after our own hop-heavy hearts and a brewery favourite ever since it debuted back in 2005. Pop the top and enjoy the hop!

Tasting Notes:

Pours a golden hay colour with a thick creamy head. Aromas of pine and citrus are very bold with lingering floral notes. A big pink grapefruit hoppy flavour with candy-sweet undertones finishes with a lingering warm bitterness.


Amnesiac Double IPA is available year-round in 650mL bottles and 568mL king cans!

72 thoughts on “December 21st: Amnesiac Double IPA

  1. For sure one of my favorite Phillips offerings.. A great setting up camp brew.. By the time camp is set you forget it took you three swings at getting the tent straight….. The citrusy explosion is so refreshing .. Just don’t fall off the dock or your houseboat..

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