December 20th:

The Story:

Scan through the static and discover the Short Wave!  When we designed Short Wave we wanted a brew to share with friends and a beer that reflects where we call home. Beer has always been a great people connector, serving as the catalyst for turning strangers into friends for generations.  Short wave radio is incredibly effective at traveling extreme distances, connecting people in remote, rugged BC coastal areas who are out of the reach of other radio services.  These days short wave enthusiasts build receivers in their garages, hand soldering circuits and re-purposing old dials to tune into the spectrum.  Fellow DIY tinkerers, we salute you!  This beer is also finely tuned, hand crafted, with a flavour dialed in for wide-spread enjoyment.

Tasting Notes:

This wireless beer transmitter pours a beautiful sunset orange colour with a persistent foam cap.  A medium, malt-forward body is electrified with bright citrus hops until sweetness and bitter are dialed to balance. Late-kettle additions of discernible PNW hops add layers of complexity. Finishes with subtle lingering bitterness.


Currently available in 473mL tall cans, 355 mL cans as part of our Hop Box, 341mL bottles and draught.

6 thoughts on “December 20th:

  1. One of the better pale ales out there, not very hoppy, just enough for a little bite at the end. Still, can be had anytime, anywhere.

  2. “Short Wave” pale ale – more of a traditional pale ale than the fruity one yesterday, but quite satisfactory and it pleasantly tickled the taste buds with a tart and hoppy tang. Nice, but not really exceptional.

  3. I’m dialed into this one, no shorts in the hand soldered circuits. More of a mellow hop flare than the last few. It’s a regular over the radio waves that I enjoy tuning into

  4. Found it to be very tasty. Had some full body flavour and it lingered on the palate. Crips and clean, enjoyed it and I’ll be finding me some of them.

  5. Nice casual beer as the hops is tolerable. It was not unpleasant as the finish was a bit bitter but had a kick to it. Fine summer beer to drink when the heat is unbearable.

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