December 1st:

The Story:

The Holidays are full of surprises and not all of them are welcome.  So when your cousin pulls his smoke sputtering Winnebago into your front yard to empty the tank, we hope that you find a quiet corner to take 5 and enjoy the daily surprise our beer elves have packed into this case. This holiday treat originally debuted in the 2015 Snowcase calendar. Full of rich Belgian flavour and pouring a deep red due to the addition of beets this beer is unique in more than a few ways much like some of your closest relatives.

Relax and crack into this anxiety ale; it’s going to be a great season.

Tasting Notes:

Pouring a seasonally appropriate red-orange colour with a soft white head, Belgian yeast endows this brew with aromas of fruit esters, and leads to a sweet malt body featuring flavours of banana that are underpinned with a slight earthy undertone.


Anxiety Ale is specially brewed for the Snowcase Pack!

14 thoughts on “December 1st:

  1. December 1 – “Anxiety Ale” – the addition of beetroot to recipe endows this strong (8%) Belgian style ale with a ruddy colour. It does not taste like a salad however, and forms a nice complement to a strictly vegetarian lunch of mixed salad with Vegetable Thin crackers. Lacking in bubblosity. Afternoon nap recommended after meal.

  2. It’s 4 o’clock Happy Hour! Phillips you never cease to amaze me! A fantastic Ale yet again! The only Anxiety here, is waiting for #2.

  3. I was a little concerned with the inclusion of beets….but this is a good start to the next 24 days… the body expels the beetjuice well we will leave that to the imagination!!

  4. Very tasty beer last night. I’m not a big beet fan but it wasn’t overly beety, it was more of a warm, earthy note at the back end. Having said that, I’m burping a bit of beet this morning. All good. Looks like beer two is a fantastic chaser. Haha.

  5. Enjoyable fresh new start to the Advent Calendar. The beets were a nice addition for a little colour and earthyness, but not overpowering.

  6. Great taste and color. The beets was something new to me but it tasted great. Would love to buy a case of this on its own.

  7. Interesting first beer. Not exactly up my alley notes-wise, but that did not spoil my fun in the slightest. The beets made a return appearance the next day…

    I spent some time examining all the fun stuff on the box and the bottle. Hilarious, and a ton of fun in and of itself. I note that the list of beers on the box does not include an 8.0% beer. Not sure if the list is incorrect, or the 8.0% label on the bottle is wrong. Whatever. First world problem for sure.

    Can’t wait for the next, and the next, and the next…

  8. I preferred the 2015 version of this beer, this time around the Belgian flavour seems to have overpowered the beet taste. It is a great first beer, however, and a great introduction to my favourite advent calendar!

  9. Woa! And we’re off….guessing this is a saison? Drinking such brightly red ale made me think I was drinking an electric kook aid. Nice light taste…didn’t realize it was 8% until now!

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