December 1st: Anxiety Ale

1. AnxietyThe Story:

The Holidays are full of surprises and not all of them are welcome.  So when your cousin pulls his smoke sputtering Winnebago into your front yard to empty the tank, we hope that you find a quiet corner to take 5 and enjoy the daily surprise our beer elves have packed into this case.  Relax and crack into this anxiety ale; it’s going to be a great season.

Tasting Notes:

Pouring a seasonally appropriate red-orange colour with a soft white head, Belgian yeast endows this brew with aromas of fruit esters, and leads to a sweet malt body featuring flavours of banana that are underpinned with a slight earthy undertone.


Anxiety Ale is specially brewed for the Snowcase Pack!

46 thoughts on “December 1st: Anxiety Ale

  1. SHITTERS FULL. wow great start. Very strong beet at first but as I got into it the more I enjoyed. Very different and we’ll enjoyed beer.

  2. Great start! Definitely pour this one in a glass because the colour is beautiful. Nice smooth drinking Belgium with a beet (ha) of fruitiness. It’s going to be a great December.

      • Wow. The term ‘red ale’ gets used a lot, but to see a real red beer pour out of the bottle was a nice surprise. Now we need a green beer to pair with it for Christmas (well…no….not really).
        The beet taste made it interesting without overkill. The strength of the beer didn’t show up either. A nice rounded finish. I don’t think I’d buy a 2-4 of this particular beer, but I’d buy a half-sack to share with friends. Good start, Phillips.

  3. Interesting beer! A touch sweet for my taste, but enjoyable. Very yeasty and lagery on the nose (widely used beer terms,) but packed a different punch on the taste.

  4. Great start to what promises to be a great tasting experience! The red colour is fantastic, the hint of beet lend a nice earthiness to the fruit flavours. Cheers!

  5. Like it. Appreciate the restraint on the beets. It’s there but not too much so. Good bodied beer. The beets play nice with the estery yeast.

    Not sure about the marketing on this one: emptying the waste tank on a winnebago, adding beets to a beer and leaving you with a beer that’s about the colour of urine after eating beets. Have I connected too many dots?

  6. Strongly agree with all of the above comments. Really great start; very interesting beer (beats.. what!…8.0%..what!); Beautiful colour; and the label will be tough to beat. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  7. Was pleasantly surprised, was a little thrown off when I read beets in the description, definitely some big Belgian flavor and a subtle taste of beets that mellows out as you drink. A great start to hopefully a great pack.

  8. Colour is festive! Has a belgium feel for sure. Tongue sorta went numb at times.

    Nice start to the snowpack. I would sum it up as “one is enough”. But I hope that there are more crazy beers like this over the month! Loved the label too!

    Excited for tomorrow!

  9. Not a bad start, but still not sure beer and beets go together. I think it’s an acquired taste. My heavy drinking cousin Steve might go for this, but me…I will rock to the beets and wait for tomorrow.

  10. Not sold on the inclusion of beets in this one. Surprisingly light body given the 8% content, but great aroma and color. And an awesome label!

    Merry Christmas! The shitter was full!

  11. Excellent Belgian, smooth and full of flavor ! Good labeling too , my favourite holiday movie. I’m looking forward to the rest.

  12. Bob poured this beer into two glasses and we both tasted at the same time. Our eyes met: I glanced at the label and remembered almost one year ago this week the rv hose snapping in two in Susanville, California spilling !@#$ everywhere. Now that was an anxious moment! (the “situation” was immediately cleaned up and we left the rv park an hour later)

    Today, for several minutes, my anxiety level was quite low. The rv has been winterized, Christmas is starting to arrive and we have time to enjoy Beer. We will look forward to a visit with Beer each and every day.

    Today’s Beer was quite well-behaved, a little fruity ; colourful. He tried very hard to impress us with style and verve. We liked his strong personality but decided while he is not extraordinary he is quite satisfactory. We are so looking forward to opening that little cap and letting out the next Beer.


  13. Bloody belgique borsht banana beer.. Bit beety but surprisingly light ,and perfect for a rainy night. Matt and crew , I tip my hat to you, and cannot wait for number two.

  14. Good morning, yesterday for day 1 I got the xxxxxx. Today I got the xxxxxx. I came here to view the tasting notes but your site tells me that it isn’t the 2nd yet. I know that it’s a little early but I pull it at 5am to put it in the fridge when I get up so that it’s cold after work. So I got the wrong beer yesterday, not sure about today. I’d like to go to the liquor store and trade for a new box so that I can play along but my concern is that they will think that I am insane. I understand that your boxes are all hand packed and appreciate the effort but the premium that I paid for the advent surprises isn’t working out.
    Hoping that you understand,
    All the best, Clay

    • Hi Clay,

      Sorry to hear our elves grabbed the wrong beers on you there. If you can get in touch at we’d love to get some more info so we can apologize properly. No need to go to liquor store, we will have one of our reps get in touch and come to you. We’d love to make this right and look forward to hearing from you.


      Phillips Brew Crew

  15. year 2 of the snowcase adventure. Day one…anxiety…i now have some…I only bought one case, and my wife liked day one beer so much..i did not get to drink much of it……i liked it..but can’t buy any ! Anxious that this dilemna does not continue !

  16. Sooooo excited to open the 2015 Snowcase and day 1 was no disappointment! Loved the story and label, beer was an excellent , if not somewhat surprising, first choice. I liked the subtleness of the Belgian flavour combined with the beetroot. Never would have seen that one coming!

  17. The Two Daves, on Gulf Island Radio, talked about this amazing ale on their show today, It was a truly inspiring story full of syncronity and Holiday Spirit.. This link will take you to the audio clip where they tell the story of what happened when Dave G opened his first bottle from his Phillips Brewery Snowcase yesterday.…/2daves-the-anxiety-ale-story … And their Advent Beer Box journey has just begun

  18. Reminds me of some really good beer that I had at the Leffe brewery in Belgium. Can taste the beets but it is subtle. Would love to have this as a regular offering

  19. The label was intriguing. The beet flavour was surprisingly tasty. I couldn’t help but think this beer would pair well with pierogi and sauerkraut.

  20. My wife and I were not big fans of this one. It’s warming and surprisingly light tasting for the gravity, but it kinda lies there on the tongue without much finish. Onwards and upwards!

  21. First day’s beer was delicious; the flavour of beets makes this one an enjoyably novel & tasty treat. Would buy again. Looking forward to the rest of the beers this season – hoping a bottle of the old double barrel scotch ale somehow makes its way into the calendar!

  22. I liked it alot. I didn’t read the label, and was surprised by the colour, and the smooth sweetness. I wouldn’t have guessed there was beet in there. Good one!

  23. Great start to December. I’ve never had beets in beer, but cudos to you for going there. For those who aren’t sure on this beer, or poo poo the thought, get over it!! It’s Xmas time. (Or happy holidays for those who may be offended). I would never have thought to try beets but it worked. Well rounded beer. Good Belgian yeast flavours that didn’t overpower the aftertaste of the beets (which came out more in the last half of the bottle). I also didn’t notice the boozy flavours for an 8% beer. Great start Matt and crew. Every day is like Xmas now!!

  24. I don’t know the reference for this one but regaurdless thought it was a cute name for the start of a calendar u anxiously wait for each day. I love beets so was interested to see how they went in beer…I liked it! The alcohol percentage was defiantly masked with such a smooth finish and that bit of sweetness – well done!

  25. I absolutely loved it – and glad I poured it to properly see the colour after reading it had beetroot!

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