December 19th:

The Story:

This beer is designed to showcase one of the quintessential American hop varieties from the Yakima valley. Even though there’s only one hop in this brew there’s a real depth and complexity of flavours that are distinct to the Citra hop. We love this hop so much we thought we’d give it centre stage here by keeping the malt bill simple. This is the debut of this beer too so help us toast this brand new release!

Tasting Notes:

Pours a golden straw colour. Tropical fruit notes jump out of the glass. Hugely hopped but light in bitterness with distinct grapefruit, pineapple and citrus peel flavours that dance on your tongue. Smooth finish with a lingering citrus flavour.


This beer is currently only available in this year’s Snowcase.


7 thoughts on “December 19th:

  1. “Citra” pale ale – fruity hops endow this brew with a distinct flavour that I found agreeable. Too bad its only available in this year’s Snowcase – if it were to become generally available I’d be sure to have it on hand regularly.

  2. The citrusy hops sure make this easy drinking for an IPA. I could have had another one or two. Starting to get a little too hop-forward in this year’s calendar, though. I had better Xmas / winter style beer selections at the Xmas beerfest at the arena a couple weeks ago. Maybe next year include a nut one? A vanilla one? Something bourbon-infused? A hoppy IPA doesn’t exactly scream holidays.

  3. I stand firmly on the side of all of the hoppy beers, I love them all and would much prefer them over any kind of dessert beer or stout. Loving this easy drinking pale ale. Would certainly prefer this in regular rotation as opposed to the overly fruity electric unicorn.

  4. Fine beer, but I was disappointed to have found the nose outweighed the flavour. Very enjoyable, all in all, but doesn’t compare to the Hop Circle or the Kaleidoscope.

  5. Glad to see that this is a new beer as it was not too bad as I thought it was going to be. Kaleidoscope is still my preferred choice for having a hoppy beer but this was pleasant. I do not think I would buy a pack of “Citra” however as I would not be able to drink more than one of these. It looks like I am not in the majority of enjoying hoppy beers…

  6. I really enjoyed this new hop Citra,not overly a bittering hop which I liked.I found it hit different flavour receptors on the tongue.

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