December 19th: Coulrophobia India Red Ale

19. Coulrophobia


A few of us here at the brewery suffer from Coulrophobia [cool-row-phobia]–a fear of clowns.  Maybe it’s the creepy face paint, maybe it’s the over-sized shoes, or maybe it’s memories of a birthday party gone awry.  Regardless, we know that addressing our fears head on is the best way to begin to overcome them and that’s why we crafted this beer.  A medium bodied red ale that’s been hopped up like an IPA–hence, IRA.

Tasting Notes:

Pouring a deep reddish-copper colour with a marshmallow white head, its fresh, full aroma may just change your mind about big noses.  Delicately balanced with a hearty malt base, you’ll smile at the amount of body we squeezed into this flavour vehicle; no creepy face paint required.


Coulrophobia is available year-round in its own 341mL six pack.

11 thoughts on “December 19th: Coulrophobia India Red Ale

  1. Love the packaging on this, especially “no balloon animals were harmed”. Unfortunately a green cap is usually a bad sign for me, and this beer didn’t help me overcome my hops phobia. But hey, to each their own!

  2. Don’t enjoy this one much. The girl is bad coulrophobic.. Me, I love ’em. . and this was a pleasant surprise.. Huge flavour , like the shoes..

  3. A hoppy blast at the front end, unfortunately a bit lackluster at the tail…. drinkable. I thought Phillips was renaming coulrophobia?

  4. Coulrophobia is a brand new India Red Ale that juggles fresh pine bitterness with hints of citrus fruit. If you would like to try Coulrophobia on draft, join us at the brewery on Wednesday October t from 4-6 for a free tasting.

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