December 18th: Blue Buck

18. Blue BuckStory:

Blue Buck is a legendary beast around these parts, and has been known to grant those who see him good fortune…or at least a great tasting beer.  Contrary to most legends, the ‘Buck’ was not actually one of our original brews, but was brewed for the Victoria Folk Fest back in 2007 to keep festival-goers cool in the hot afternoon sun.  It also originally christened under a different name in honour of the old 1965 Chevy Matt would deliver beer in all summer.  Unfortunately not everyone was thrilled with the moniker and, since we prefer fermentation to litigation, we opted to exchange the auto for some antlers and the Blue Buck was born.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a light amber colour with a straw head. Soft aromas of citrus and pine with a slight toasted caramel undertone. Has a light and balanced mouthfeel with a crisp a refreshing finish.


You can grab a Buck almost any way you want it! Blue Buck is available year-round in 341mL bottle six packs, 355mL can six packs, 473mL tall cans and is a permanent member of our Showcase Mixed Pack.

11 thoughts on “December 18th: Blue Buck

  1. It takes all sorts I guess, Davey. I thought it was absolutely delicious and would make a great summertime tipple. Probably the nicest surprise yet!

  2. The legendary beer that built the Phillips brand just like how Hulk Hogan built the WWE/WWF.

    Question is where is the Longboat Chocolate Porter? To miss this beer in the snowcase would be a grave mistake.

  3. Unfortunately I drank far too many of these last night to be happy to see it in the snowcase … I think I’ll save this one for another day.

  4. If your sharp you will notice that the flying monkey turned in to a pig a while back.. When pigs fly I guess… . this beer is always in my fridge..

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