December 18th:

The Story:

Blue Buck is a legendary beast around these parts, and has been known to grant those who see him good fortune…or at least a great tasting beer.  Contrary to most legends, the ‘Buck’ was not actually one of our original brews, but was brewed for the Victoria Folk Fest back in 2007 to keep festival-goers cool in the hot afternoon sun.  It also originally christened under a different name in honour of the old 1965 Chevy Matt would deliver beer in all summer.  Unfortunately, not everyone was thrilled with the moniker and, since we prefer fermentation to litigation, we opted to exchange the auto for some antlers and the Blue Buck was born.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a light amber colour with a straw head. Soft aromas of citrus and pine with a slight toasted caramel undertone. Has a light and balanced mouthfeel with a crisp a refreshing finish.


Blue Buck is available year-round in 341mL bottle six packs, 355mL can six packs, and is a permanent member of our Showcase Mixed Pack

7 thoughts on “December 18th:

  1. One of my go-tos from Phillips, but, having said, that, a little bit disappointing to pull one out on day 18. These advent beer calendars would be great to bring/send to friends and family out of province, unfortunately Canada’s supremely arehaic cross-border alcohol policies prevent that. As for the beer itself, a good malt to it which makes it different than the vast majority of generics out there.

  2. 50/50 on if this was a disappointment. Looking a the pattern it seems like there are a few regulars slotted in too so it’s not all choco/hoppy/crazy strong.

  3. I did not even need to drink the beer to write this because this was pretty disappointing. I love Blue Buck as it is one of my go to beers when I am out with friends but in a snow case? What a let down for today, especially this close to the end of the snow case. This should not be in the snow case or at least not this late into it. Besides that, it is a great beer in its own merit. I love to drink this casually and it goes great with salty food. I believe this was my first legal beer as well so I can not be too upset by it even though I feel let down today. Next year, it would be nice if this was taken out of the snow case as it is already in your mixed pack as I feel that the snow case should be more about special brews. Can’t wait till tomorrow…

  4. I agree with the above comments being slightly disappointed today, especially if your a regular drinker of the showcase which has Blue Buck, Analogue, Slipstream, and currently the Pilsner… all but one have been in the snowcase. As much as it is a go to beer it’s meh to pull one out when you have a few in the fridge already. I feel like slipstream is going to be making an appearance as well, then we will have all four out of the showcase!

  5. “Blue Buck” – termed a “session” ale on the label, but at 5% ABV not in my books. A session ale should be <5%. Be that as it may, it's an old reliable brew around here, on tap at many local watering holes, and quite a satisfactory quaff. Also it's a welcome change from the exotically named hi-test ales among previous offerings!

  6. If all you get is some strange then the strange becomes regular…. and then you could never enjoy a bit of regular on the side. From other beer connoisseurs I converse with the “other” beer advent calendar you see out there has some really bad brews in it. I would rather enjoy something I’ve had before than force down a bottle of swill!

  7. I’ll be honest, I find this beer boring. I’m not particularly adverse to it in contrast to others of its ilk from other breweries, but it’s never been, nor will it come to be a beer I’d choose from behind a bar or from a tap.

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