December 17th:

The Story:

Kaleidoscope is a psycho-tropic trip! Just because you don’t live in a tropical paradise doesn’t mean your IPA shouldn’t taste like one. Originally released in 2013 this beer was meant to showcase the extremely bright and tasty Mosaic hops known for their tropical fruit flavour profile. Lots of mango, pineapple, passionfruit and grapefruit notes are all owed to this delicious hop.

Tasting Notes:

Boat loads of mosaic hops, famous for their tropical fruit punch to the palate, blend flavours of guava and sweet citrus with subtle IPA bitterness. It’s a taste symmetrically balanced no matter how you spin it.


This beer is only available in the 2017 Snowcase.

8 thoughts on “December 17th:

  1. Will you guys quit screwing around?? Stop putting out beer for the tasting only to then tell us we’re shit out of luck for getting our hands on it beyond this single bottle. :/ Was a pretty hard pour with huge head – maybe on account of my bottle having been jostled prior to carting? – but once I could manage a sip, I found it to be a great product. Hugely citrus, but I’m a big fan of such things, so that’s great. Upon reading up on the additional notes of “tropical” flavours, I bought in, but wouldn’t have put it together otherwise. Mainly detected major citrus. Nice long linger for flavour as IPAs tend to have, and a real cut to it. I’d do a case. Tomorrow.

  2. When I saw the label and read that it was going to be hoppy, I felt disappointed again. However, after a few sips, I can say that this was quite nice. It was not to strong like Hop Circle and the topical flavors were a nice addition. Shame that this is only available in the snow case as it was a lot better than the other hoppy beers so far.

  3. I had some chunky fibrous bits in my beer…after reading this, I’m realizing it may have been fruit? after reading the reviews, I want to try it…someone either talk me into it, or out of it.

  4. One of my more fave IPAs from Phillips as I really enjoy the citrus IPAs over the piney ones. Would be a great summer seasonal.

  5. “Kaleidoscope” mosaic IPA – 6% brew made with mosaic hops, with the expectation of a fruity taste from this hop variety. Great expectations but minor result.

  6. Very nice,the hops are to my liking more citrus than piney,a good IPA that I would purchase. My second favourite beer.

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