December 17th: Forbidden Fruit

17. Forbidden FruitStory:

Our version of a “snakebite”, Forbidden Fruit is a collaborative effort between us and our friends at Merridale Estate Cidery.  Fresh apple cider crafted from organic apples marries a medium bodied Belgian ale.  Yes, this beer counts for your apple today.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a golden hay colour with a thin, quickly dissipating white head.  Aromas of tart apple and hints of pink bubblegum inform a medium bodied brew with a champagne-like mouthfeel.  Flavours of bright apples layered with subtle spice and sweet pears finishes dry.


Forbidden Fruit is a Snowcase exclusive!

10 thoughts on “December 17th: Forbidden Fruit

  1. Since I’ve fallen behind in the comments, I just want to comment on a few of my favs. Yesterday’s milk stout was a gorgeous brew, I’d love to see what Phillips could do if they tried brewing more of them. The complex Wit also hit a high note in our household. Lastly I had the Trainwreck before heading to a party (I wasn’t driving, promise) and had a fun night indeed.

    Anyway, back to today. I love both cider and beer and was very excited for this one. On first sip I found it a little intense but I stuck with it and the sweetness really came out making for a delicious drink. Loving the collars, would be happy to see another one!

  2. I had to pour it down the sink. Pouring beer out hurts my soul but this one was terrible. Cider and beer? Blasphemy.

  3. It was a nice effort to appease the cider market such as my wife, who loves to toss back a cider as much as the next girl. I passed this one on to her where she really enjoyed it. Look forward to tomorrow where we hopefully are back on track with beer.

  4. It was good effort to appease the cider drinking market, but I had to pass this one over to my wife. She enjoys tossing back the refreshing taste of a good cider when she is out with her girlfriends. Slight experimental modifications in brewing are always of interest to me, but I feel the cider was a bit too much where it crossed the line and put Phillips offside, I look forward to getting back on track with beer in more of its purist form.

  5. Now I know why I ?like chic flics! I enjoyed this…..and then I went and drank yesterday’s stout!

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