December 16th: Polaris Milk Stout

16. PolarisStory:

Your guiding light in udder winter darkness, Polaris Milk Stout is brewed with lactose–a sugar that is not fermented by beer yeast.  The result is a soft sweetness and extra body infused into the beer.  Polaris is actually our second milk stout.  Our first kick at the milk can was called Leviathan and it was brewed for the Cetus Research & Conservation Society as part of our annual Benefit Brew program where we brew a beer for a charity and donate full proceeds to the cause (  We enjoyed the brew so much that we decided to make a few tweaks and release it under a new name as part of our seasonal program the following year.  This year however, you can only find it in this very special Snowcase.

Tasting Notes:

This robust stout pours velvety smooth with flavours of subtle coffee and cocoa finishing with a hint of milk chocolate. Your guiding light in udder darkness.


Polaris is only available in the Snowcase Pack!

12 thoughts on “December 16th: Polaris Milk Stout

  1. First! But seriously, I was glad to see the milk stout return, even if only in single bottle form. Parallel 49 did their milk stout yesterday, so I’m a happy camper. I really enjoy this olde-English style and wish it were more widely available. A very nice velvety winter brew.

  2. When I first tried this last year, I was a bit dubious, given my general dislike of milk (ick). However this stout is delightful and one of my favourite stouts around. Who knew lactose would be good in beer?! Good job on this one, Phillips!

  3. Milk stout… . . .. Sounds as good rolling off my tongue, as it tasted passing across it. Loved this one . .

  4. Not a stout fan USUALLY, but loving this smooth and mellow concoction! Can’t wait for this to be released!

  5. Had this after tomorrow cider\beer….and wow this is #1 this year! Had a milk stout in long beach a couple years ago and gave me ?over of the taste!!! Or is it that is once a dairy farmer!!

  6. Phillips Brewing Co – Polaris Milk Stout Review From Phillips Brewing Company comes the Polaris Milk Stout. From the dark Nights of a BC Winter this beer is labeled with the North Star clear above a coniferous skyline.

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