December 16th:

The Story:

During the summer months when our Raspberry Wheat is on the Growler taps, many of our regular customers will come in to do a custom mix of this tasty beer with our Longboat Chocolate Porter. The results taste very close to a Black Forest Cake. We thought we’d let you in on this local secret and share with you all as a special Christmas treat. Who doesn’t love a delicious chocolate and raspberry dessert this time of year?

Tasting Notes:

Pours deep ruby with a tan head. Strong aromoas of chocolate and raspberry jump off the nose and meld for a classic Black Forest cake profile on first sips.  The sweeter chocolate notes fade to allow for a slightly tart finish from the raspberry.


This beer is exclusive to the 2017 Snowcase.


9 thoughts on “December 16th:

  1. Don’t know that I’d have been able to pull raspberry out of it, but it sure was chocolaty. Skeptical about all such “chocolate beers”, I was assuming this was going to disappoint. It did not. Fantastic flavour. Would happily have another with the evening hockey game.

  2. “Chocolate Raspberry” porter – sounds bizarre but absolutely delicious! The Bavarian Purity Law can take a back seat to this unusual brew. Just the ticket for the holiday season in my humble opinion. I wish I had another one, was really tasty.

  3. Definitely one of the more unique beers from the case so far. I was not sure how this would taste but it was surprisingly tasty. The raspberry was faint but you could still taste it. I did find it a bit sweet near the end as I quickly consumed a glass of water to wash away the sugar. This would make a fine beer in a 650mL bottle.

  4. Many of us old-school Phillips drinkers have been combining the two for years. My fave blend is about 85% chocolate porter and about 15% raspberry wheat ale. I think they definitely went more raspberry than my usual handmix but it was still delicious. I got way more chocolate than raspberry in the aftertaste, though, which isn’t a bad thing.

  5. I want to claim I hate this beer. I want to, but can’t. It’s like eating pot of gold out of a bottle. You know you look at the box and are like “only one”, next thing you know have the box is gone and you’re sitting there with a smile on your face.

  6. Oh my! That is GOOD… I’m glad I’ve been let in on the secret, I will definitely have to give that a try! I didn’t find it sweet at all, it’s like a really dark chocolate mixed with raspberry…

  7. I don’t usually drink Wheat beers, but I Like to try everything That The Phillips Brewery and Malting Co. makes and the Phillips Raspberry Wheat Ale is A Great Beer. The Phillips Chocolate Porter is undeniably delicious. Need I say more. Well, yes. Great Job, I Love that you listen to your fans. I waited a few extra days to open this one. I was not disapointed. On a personal note, with grace and understanding (thanks Gord), i would love to see a Hemp Raspberry/Chocolate Porter, only due to my personal aversion to wheat ales. The bonus would be that the lighter side of the mix would be replaceed with a nice nurritious meaty warmth. Mmm, I am dreaming.
    I can’t wait for another, until then. 🙂
    p.s. Can I get a six pack?

    This is not beer for people who like beer it’s yuppie beer,for people who only drink beer if it has fruit in it.not for me.

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