December 15th: Elsinore

15. ElsinoreStory:

Elsinore is a strange brew–it’s not quite a pilsner but not just a lager.  Debuting in June of 2013 it’s inspired by Strange Brew, a cult-classic featuring legendary characters Bob and Doug McKenzie.  Just like the boys this beer is full of character and a whole lot of fun.  Check out Bob and Doug’s 12 Days of Christmas. Beauty.

Tasting Notes:

Brewed in small batches right here in the Great White North, Elsinore pours a pale straw colour with a medium white head. Flavours of light citrus and sweet grasses highlight this cold-fermented and lightly hopped brew, that’s clean through the body and finishes dry.


Elsinore is available in 6 pack 341mL bottles year round…and finds itself as the occasional special guest in the Showcase Mixed Packs.

6 thoughts on “December 15th: Elsinore

  1. – You Claude Elsinore?
    – Yes.
    – Yeah ok, well we found this mouse in a bottle of YOUR beer, eh, and we was at a party and a friend of ours, a COP, had some and HE PUKED and he said come here and get free beer, or uh, he’ll press charges.

  2. Perfectly acceptable but lamentably dull beer. I guess it must have a constituency or it wouldn’t be a year-rounder. Roll on tomorrow!

  3. Oh man . .I liked this beer from the moment I saw my first box, helped that I adore that amazing piece of canadiana ..fell asleep almost every night to the opening theme song of SCTV… and thankfully the beer is so darn tasty.. Always a toss up at an event whether to have an Elsinore or the 78.. Elsie usually wins..

  4. Nothing special. Mouth feel of a Coors Light with the body and taste of a Shock Top. I tried it. Time to move on.

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