December 14th: Wit

14. WitStory:

This Belgium-inspired wheat ale is brewed with orange peel and coriander, building in depth of flavour and adding in layers of complexity.  The label was designed by artist Chris Dobell–Stu’s brother (see Dec 5th).  Among his other artistic pursuits, Chris has brought our brewery to life through hand-painted signage for years. Hand-painted art, hand-crafted beer. Check out more of Chris’ work on his facebook page linked here.

Tasting Notes:

Aromas of mango, orange and banana are underpinned with a hint of coriander. Sweet banana fruit flavours are balanced against a citrus hop background that finishes dry.


The Wit is only available in this Snowcase pack!

14 thoughts on “December 14th: Wit

  1. Dear me, if only the beer was as good drinking as the label art and signage is good looking.. Banana and coriander or coriander and beer in general.. Like missing a gearshift.

  2. Hey Mr, Trout. I hear you. I must admit, though, I love the odd one of these during the summer, ice cold, with a slice of fresh orange. Can’t say though it falls within my Old School definition of ‘beer’….it’s more like a summery fruit drink. As a wise old bird once said, “To wit, to woo”. I’m sure others are about to chime in here on their love of this concoction…. 🙂

  3. So I’ve been reading a lot of comments on here and I have to say: Some of you are a bunch of whiners. Ooo, this beer is too hoppy, I poured the Trainwreck down the sink because I couldn’t finish it, the coriander is gross etc. What did you people expect from a Phillips calendar? Do you even drink any of their beer other than Blue Buck? I think all you complainers would be better off buying a 24 of Lucky and just drinking one a day.

    Every beer has been great so far. Every one.

    Today’s Wit is no exception. It’s nice and crisp like a white beer should be. Hope to see this one in a bomber next summer.

    • I will have you know that it was savoured to the last drop, and that taste is subjective . I will not be lumped in with a whiner or a pourer.

  4. Totally agree with Liam. I bought this calendar (and the Parallel 49/Central City one) to try some new styles I have never tried before and so far have really enjoyed it. There have been some really good ones so far and some average ones. Some beers I have had before but a lot that are new. Definitely no beers that I would ever pour down a drain!

  5. Really really liked this beer. I’m a wheat beer drinker and I don’t really care for IPA’s so I was really happy to see this today when I opened it. If you guys made this available at the BCL I’d buy it often.

  6. Fantastic beer! I had mine with a slice of lemon.

    Liam with all do respect people are entitled to their opinions so quit your whining. Go have a Sleeman Honey Brown! :-p

  7. This beer is sooooo delicious, I’m so tempted to get another case of SnowCase just for this beer! Is it ever going to be made and sold by itself? Perhaps something seasonal?

  8. Seriously friends, people should feel free to share their opinions, positive or negative, about every beer. That’s half the fun and the good folks at the brewery want to hear it.

    Let’s keep that Christmas spirit up, eh?

    PS, great beer tonight. Bringing back the summer as we descend into winter 🙂

  9. Loved this one and I generally don’t like Wit style beers. The undertones of banana and coriander really came through. So much so that I kept swirling the glass just to smell the beer.

  10. Oh dear, we are so behind in our tastings! It’s hard to have a beer a day when you are also doing holiday outings!
    This is a lovely Wit beer with a typical banana smell and taste. I could definitely drink a few of these on a patio in the summer…

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