December 14th:

The Story:

Originally released in 2010, this high flying brew was one of the early examples of the Belgian IPA style. Nosediving right into a classic Belgian yeast, Hoperation Tripel Cross creates a superfortress of flavour sure to send your tastebuds soaring. After being in regular for a few years, Tripel Cross retired from active duty until it was briefly re-enlisted as a special seasonal release in May of this year.

Tasting Notes:

A light citrus nose with lemon accents yields to delicate Belgian esters. Balanced by big floral hops and mild black pepper spice, this tasty brew finishes with light crystally malt character and a fleeting clean bitterness.


This beer is currently only available in this year’s Snowcase.


6 thoughts on “December 14th:

  1. Yeah…as the alc content rises, the less I’m inclined to enjoy. As hoppy IPAs go, an enjoyable enough beer. But the clear lesser of the two when comparing to the Hop Circle.

  2. “Hoperation” – another strong ale, hot on the heels of the last offering, I thought the nose better than the taste, which was somewhat harsh. As a Belgian ale perhaps it would be better on tap in Brussels with the other sprouts and flems.

  3. The peppery taste cut through the hops pretty good and the Belgian yeast component made for a pleasurable aftertaste even though this is a strong IPA. Interesting beer. Not sure if I could sit down and do a six-pack of it, but, one didn’t seem enough.

  4. Gonna have to be another no from me. Like Hop Circle, I gagged when drinking this as I found the citrus and floral accents too much for me. Again, not a fan of all the hops so I’m just going to “hop” on by to the next beer.

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