December 13th: Hop Circle IPA

13. Hop Circle


We really love our hops.  Lucky for us our brewery location is in a great spot to feed our hop addiction, as some of the best hops in the world are grown just south of us in the American Pacific Northwest.  With such a  great crop at our fingertips we couldn’t help but brew up a crisp, bright IPA to showcase those beautifully fresh citrus and pine flavours.  Our Hop Circle IPA, first spotted in 2005, is a nod to the very special terrior of the Pacific Northwest and those little green men that allow all IPAs to abduct your senses…well little green women actually; hops are the flowers harvested from the female plants.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a golden straw colour with a thick frothy head.  Bold aromas of citrus with a fresh pine undertone.  Has a clean fruity flavour with a grapefruit bitter finish.


Hop Circle is available year-round in six packs of 341mL bottles and 355mL cans.  It’s also a permanent member of our Hop Box mixed pack.

13 thoughts on “December 13th: Hop Circle IPA

  1. Yuck. Gross. Tried to finish this, ended up putting it in the freezer after pouring it to neutralize the taste as much as possible.

    IPAs are totally overrated IMHO. Everybody’s tastes are different, and this is not for me.

  2. While not an avid hop-head, I do appreciate a northwest IPA. And this one is great. . tart and piney . I can taste the Willamette valley, the green grass.. It reminds me of an old salt who corrected we “..its not willa-mette , its will-am-it..”

  3. I wish this one was a bit more balanced.. quite nice aroma and amazing head! Not so keen on the flavours tho.

  4. Pretty much the Phillips go-to beer. As I said under a different entry, most of their brews are made to a 6.5% strength and then various hops and dark malts added to differentiate between them. I never object to buying a growler of this.

  5. Ah, alas, this is just not my type of beer. Too hoppy. I want to have that malty earthy taste role around in my mouth. But, I recognize fully that to many people, this is a fine taste. Everytime I’ve entertained Americans, they seem to gravitate towards the hoppy stuff. The hoppier, the better. Oh well…….let’s see what tomorrow brings.

  6. So glad this one is here. A trusted friend in my fridge year round.

    Now if only the pack has a Krypton coming up.

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