December 12th:

The Story:

This Heifer hasn’t been seen roaming these parts since 2009. Featuring a cool fermentation which lends it to be a very approachable American style hefeweizen. Be sure to agitate the sediment by swirling the bottle before pouring for the best drinking experience for this beer. This tasty brew was one of our earliest experiments with blackberries, an abundant local fruit. This year saw us experiment with this delicious ingredient in a number of different releases including our Patio Bear Blackberry Saison, and award winning Dino Sour. In addition to being readily available across Vancouver Island courtesy of Mother Nature, we find this particular ingredient is both versatile and complimentary to a range of different beer styles.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a hazy subtle peach colour with frothy white head. Aromas of light American Hefeweizen esters with a mild berry nose. Balanced and understated with berry flavours that develop with each sip. Finishes light and dry.


This beer is exclusive to the 2017 Showcase.

8 thoughts on “December 12th:

  1. I’m not normally a fan of fruity beers, but this goes down really easy. Not overwhelming in the fruit, just enough to be tasty. Smooth. Again, disappointed this isn’t available outside of this pack, so I’ll make a point of appreciating every sip ’til next year, I presume.

  2. I’d drink Heifer Bison on a regular basis if it were available – best to date, in my humble opinion! Splendid name too.

  3. the blackberry addition provoked a slightly sweet taste, odd, but not entirely unpleasant. I have occasionally enjoyed this type of experimentation, and recall once at Swann’s drinking raspberry beer with pleasure, so this similar slightly flavoured blackberry beer wasn’t as bizarre as some would think.

  4. The blackberry wasn’t overpowering and a little bit of tartness and subtle natural sourness which is nice since I am not into the latest lacto and brett thing. I would love to get more of this.

  5. A unique take for a hefeweizen as I am not used to drinking one with fruits in it. However, this was quite tasty as the blackberry was not overpowering but you could still taste it. I did find it a bit sweet at the end however but that was all on me as I did not swish the bottle around as suggested. This is another beer I would love to purchase as a six pack and hope to see it on the shelves .

  6. Hmm… I liked it, I generally like hefeweizens, I couldn’t really taste much in the way of blackberries? It was a nice one to add to the mix of strong beers and hoppy beers. It was pleasant enough but not something I’d go out of my way to find?

    • Forgot to add that the write-up on the bottle was actually almost as good, if not better, than the beer!

  7. Delicious! Loved the name, loved the flavour, loved the label. Around Christmas you start to see an over abundance of dark and spiced beers, so it was a pleasantly surprise to have a berry-ful Hef.

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