December 11th:

The Story:

Here’s a real breakfast beer treat!! Oatmeal stouts as a style are brewed with oats and feature an incredibly smooth body and round sweetness.  The smoothness comes from the high content of proteins, lipids (includes fats and waxes), and gums imparted by the use of oats.  An amazing fireside companion for this cold December day. This tasty brew has not been seen since the 2014 Snowcase.

Tasting Notes:

Pours a rich almost black colour with a medium caramel head.  Aromas of freshly baked bread are followed by strong roasted malt flavours up front, with nutty, coffee notes underneath that finish dry with a caramel sweetness.  Extremely smoooooooth mouthfeel.


The Oatmeal Stout is available exclusively in this Snowcase Pack!


12 thoughts on “December 11th:

  1. Oatmeal Stout – Though not usually a stout drinker, I found this to be entirely satisfactory as a pleasant quaff, even though I didn’t notice the touted “slight coffee and hinds of chocolate” promised by the congenial label. I’d have it again any time, especially if ensconced in a comfy chair by a fire on a cold wintry evening.

  2. Fantastic brew. Deep flavour and lingered long on the palate. Very tasty. Full and filling too. You’ll fail to enjoy your turkey if you have too many of these liquid meals. One of the best so far and too bad it’s exclusive to the pack. :/

  3. I’m not a stout guy but this was was delicious. It tasted great and felt hearty. Would definitely love to see this in 650ML, maybe as seasonal beer. It would be a shame if we had to wait every year or two in order to get to try this again.

  4. Very enjoyable and I used to be happily surprised when I got this as the mystery beer in the old 12 packs. Easy to drink and smooth and not overly oatmeal-y.

  5. Oh how lovely! I’ve fallen behind on my snowcase due to an untimely cold so will try and catch up over the next week… This is a lovely oatmeal stout, nice and smooth and malty, I would buy this year-round in a heartbeat!!!!

    • Loved it so much I stopped by the brewery and picked up a few more bottles! I wonder what Phillips does with the unsold Snowcases? Perhaps more of the brews will be available individually after Dec. 25th? They were out of the chocolate raspberry porter unfortunately…

  6. Please consider making this available outside of the Snowcase. A fabulous stout that I would drink year round if given a chance!

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