December 11th: Rural Brewer Brown Brew

11. Rural BrewerThe Story:

Rural Brewer Brown Brew is a mouthful to say, but a mouthful is all you’ll need to be glad you picked up this ale.  This beer is an American Brown ale, and while you may pick up hints of chocolate, toffee and nuts, those flavours are derived from the malt; none of those ingredients were used in crafting this brew.  The name may or may not have been inspired by an early episode of 30 Rock

Tasting Notes:

Pours chestnut brown with a caramel malt nose that is underpinned with hints of toffee and chocolate.  A malt-forward medium roasted nutty flavour is complimented with a creamy texture that finishes dry.


Rural Brewer is available from time to time in our Showcase Mixed Pack and also in this Snowcase.

13 thoughts on “December 11th: Rural Brewer Brown Brew

  1. There seems to be a serious lack of IPAs this year compared to last… hoping for a bunch in the second half!

    • I totally agree! Every morning I keep hoping for a green cap but am regularly disappointed. Bring on the hoppy beers!

  2. Wow, and I’m so thrilled there have been less IPAs! Now that Twisted Oak and Schottleweizen have come and gone I’ll let people in on something… after a beer shows up in the Snowcase if there is any extra of that brew, it goes on sale at Phillips that day! So now I have a few Twisted Oaks to last me a while and unfortunately only a growler of Schottleweizen, they don’t have any extras bottled!

  3. A delicious nut brown ale with rich caramel flavours. While not as rich and deep as the Twisted Oak Scotch Ale, this is a delicious brew Perfect for the season.

    Pinkgirl, thanks for the heads up; wish I lived in Victoria so I could take advantage. Will gladly make the trip out to the brewery if any extra bottles of Twisted Oak Scotch Ale could be set aside!

    • Also, I too am glad that there are less IPAs than last year. Seriously done with that flavour, am looking forward to the IPA fad ending, allowing all smaller breweries to expand their horizons and tackle greater challenges!

  4. This nut brown ale, while well balanced and not offensive in any way , kinda fell flat. . possibly run over by some of the previous brews big wheels, like a raccoon that didn’t look both ways.

  5. Just catching up on our tastings… I LOVED this brown ale! I would purchase it any time. Now:
    1. Schottleweizen
    2. Twisted Oak
    3. Brown Ale
    I’m enjoying the snowcase!

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