December 10th: Schottleweizen

10. SchottleweizenStory:

This is a beer that was dreamt up by our research brewer who brought in a homebrewed version that blew our socks off! A healthy amount of wheat (‘weizen’ is the German word for wheat) and dark roasted malt are fermented with saison yeast, an exciting strain famous for its slightly spicy and complex characteristics. It’s such a unique combination and we thought it only fair to name our release after the man who dreamt it up! Thus the Schottleweizen was born!

Tasting Notes:

Pours a deep earthy brown colour with a tan head. Bold roasted aroma complemented by subtle coffee notes. Rounded malt flavours with a dry refreshing finish.


Schottleweizen is only available in this Snowcase pack!

7 thoughts on “December 10th: Schottleweizen

  1. It’s here it’s here it’s here! If only I could drink beer in the morning… I hope it’s as good as last year!

  2. Hey this is pretty good! I’m getting a very Dark Matter taste from it. That’s a quality brew right there.

  3. Wow.. What a beer!! The depth of taste .. The malt is bang on and the subtle spice of the yeast in the after taste is fantastic.. Folks you should consider this one for a bomber for sure..I really hope to find this one around in the new year. It’s a hit. Super drinkable . wish I had 3more to show others..

  4. You won’t believe this, yesterday’s label as a forewarning for my today’s activity. I spent most of the day helping to save 45 foot boat off the rocks! But that made tonight’s beer special

  5. Wow, this one is something else. Very complex flavours, nice malty taste, slightly stout-y on the back of the tongue, with a slight chocolate or toffee taste on the finish. Smooth. I don’t normally go for such dark beers, but this one’s color betrays it’s true taste.

    Definitely a winner. Would definitely buy more for the appropriate season.

  6. Complex brew, as people have said. I found it quite enjoyable and unique. Not the average Phillips fare (if there is an average).

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